Vasily Moskovets


Friends, remember:
A solidarity rally will be held tomorrow, may 1, on the Scarlet field, with 10 to 11-30pm.

Our position "Tominskiy mining-a threat to national security" - unchanged!
Our requirements included in the draft resolution of the meeting:

"We, the participants of the meeting devoted to the 1st of May, declare that the necessity of workers' solidarity in the struggle for political, social rights, environmental security impinge on the agenda. ...
Ecology of Chelyabinsk and the surrounding towns is in critical condition and continues to deteriorate. The city is choking from smog. Particular environmental threat is the construction of the Tominsk GOK, at the site which without proper approvals and permits preparatory works, cut down protected forests.
We demand:
To uphold the constitutional right to a healthy environment is required:
-ensure urgent measures to modernize industrial production with the introduction of efficient gas cleaning technology;
-the immediate cessation of all work and logging in protective forests of Chelyabinsk at the site of the Tominsk GOK (prior to receipt of all approvals and permits in relation to the revised project);
-revocation of licenses for the development Tominsk and Begildinova ore deposits;
-conduct objective and comprehensive investigation of actions of officials of the government of the Chelyabinsk region (including Komjakova.L., Blinov V. V., and other employees of PG forests of the Chelyabinsk region) in which the protective forest in Chelyabinsk was moved to operational status, resulted in destruction of 244 ha."

Meet our flags

Anyone who wants to join our statements with respect to VL. Solovyov, print statements (in the attached file in two formats to choose from), sign and bring to the rally.
Yes, and bring your tea, coffee, celebration

The meeting agreed in the prescribed manner