Today launched a unique eco-project "Plant a tree" the Creator and inspirer of which is the entrepreneur

Good job and stunning in its scale initiative

V. Moskovets

Today launched a unique eco-project "Plant a tree" the Creator and inspirer of which is the entrepreneur
Dmitriy Shukhovtsev.
The ambitious goal of the project is to plant 100,000 trees krupnomerov
(1.5 m tall) in the city of Chelyabinsk.
Disembarkation will be at the expense of and by the founder, as well as people and organizations wishing to participate in the project.
May 4, 2018 was held on planting trees in kindergartens of microdistrict Park and Poplar avenues. The participants of the project together with the young kindergarten students planted 70 beautiful oil. The oil age 5-7 years and their height is 2 meters. These trees will definitely not be trampled or destroyed, and also from the first season will actively purify the air from pollutants and contaminants. Planting is done by specialized nurseries, which ensures the highest survival rate of trees, their growth and development.
Anyone resident or organization can be part of the project, to contribute to the greening and receive your personal tree with a name sign.
In order to become a member you just need to leave the application on the phone, in a group or on the website.
"We agreed on a lot of places for planting in different districts of the city! This is the yard area, the area MKD, dividing boulevards, areas near cultural objects, kindergartens and other institutions.
We encourage all active and concerned citizens and organizations to participate in the eco-project, to support it. We believe that in our city there live many good and strong people, who can change Chelyabinsk for the better and make it more beautiful, greener and more comfortable for living " - says the Creator of the project Dmitriy Shukhovtsev.
At the moment the project has actively involved the residents of Chelyabinsk, vysazhivaetsya trees for their children, the company "Energoprogress" and the television "OTV".
Read more about the project You can find in the VC group "Plant a tree" or at Posadatere.Russia