May 13, 2018

13 may 2018

Main events 12 may 2018

1) Vladimir Gavrilov.
Interview from 11.05.2018 year for the magazine "Business and culture", devoted to the decision of JSC Gazprombank on providing credit lines of the "Russian copper company" in the amount of 54.4 billion rubles for the construction of "Tominsk GOK".

2) So to speak "news from the field"

a) Write in your own words a letter to the President of the Russian Federation -
b) to Write to the PROSECUTOR's office, MIA -
C) to Write to the RPN -
g) to File a complaint against the press .
d) Write the Public chamber of the Russian Federation
e) the Internet reception room of the Ministry of ecology of the Chelyabinsk region
g) the office of public Prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk region
h) Internet - reception of the administration of Sosnovsky district
and) Chief Federal inspector in the Chelyabinsk region.. public reception
- sign-up sheet, flyers, stickers on cars -
to sign the e-petitionостановить-строительство-том..
We have to appeal to all participants with a request for rendering the feasible monetary aid
The transfer of funds requested to carry out card In Poletavkin .. 4276721244785275 .

Thanks to Tatyana Leschinskaya for the wonderful photos.