"Residents Poletayevo through court has achieved cancellation of territorial plans for waste management, approved by the Ministry of environment of the region. It involves the removal of debris from Chelyabinsk and Sosnovsky district on a temporary site in the village.

The claim of the men was seen today, may 15, in the Chelyabinsk regional court.

— Territorial scheme of waste management is the regulatory act. They guided resperator. But this document was adopted before the signing of the decree of the government, which is a gross violation, says social activist Julia Kudashov. — That is the Ministry of environment rushed. We demanded recognition of this scheme is invalid, including rates of accumulation of debris.

Residents Poletayevo found out that every year for the landfill is planned to export 22 tons of trash and 450 thousand tons, which will pose a threat to the environment.

— At the meeting were representatives of Rosprirodnadzor. They issued an instruction to landfill, providing environmental investigations for inaccurate information. Environmental assessment gave a negative opinion on the location of the landfill in the Chelyabinsk cluster in Poletayevo — explains Julia Kudashov.

According to her, representatives of the landfill were trying to delay the process and once again made a motion to adjourn the meeting, but it was rejected.

Most people Poletayevo surprised by the documents that they first were able to see in the course of the trial.

— Ministry of the environment assures that the ground in Poletayevo will be temporary. But the documentation says that its height is 20 meters, and the period of operation up to 2032. About what temporary storage can be a speech? Moreover, by 2025, there is no dynamics to reduce waste at the landfill, i.e. it is warehousing without subsequent recycling — outraged Julia Kudashov.

The new territorial scheme of waste management has been published on the website of the Ministry of ecology of the Chelyabinsk region. But she still have to go through public hearings. This work may take about a month.

According to the decision of the Chelyabinsk regional court with the Ministry of environment of the region in favor of the plaintiffs will be charged 300 roubles on account of compensation of expenses on payment of the state fee.

The decision of the court has not yet entered into force."

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