Friends, we invite you to join the letter to the Chairman of the Board of JSC "Gazprombank" Miller And

Time waits for no man

V. Moskovets

Friends, we invite you to join the letter to the Chairman of the Board of PJSC "Gazprom" A. B. Miller, copy to: the Bank oversight Office of No. 3 Central Bank of the Russian Federation Podshibyakina S. A.
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10.05.2018, the leadership of Gazprombank, the decision was made to open a line of credit "Russian copper company" in the amount of 54.4 billion rubles to Finance the development Tominskoye Deposit.
Can not be that you were not aware that the residents of Chelyabinsk and Chelyabinsk region since 2013, fighting against the draft Tominskiy mine in 10 km from the only source of drinking water – Shershenevsky water storage, according to the poll, 73% of residents of Chelyabinsk have voted against the project that the launch of this Mining will cause irreparable damage to the ecology of Chelyabinsk, which already suffocating in smog. Water and air are poisoned, what will primarily suffer the children. For the SAKE of EXTRACTING 500 tons of beneficiated ORE per year will be formed 27, 5 million tons of toxic dust waste containing arsenic, mercury, cadmium, lead and other poisonous compounds, and it is a mountain that is visible from space. 40 million cubic meters of water required for production and transfer of waste is the quantity that you can take the cost of destruction of the city.
None of the decision-makers thought that no one in the world mine did not work without accidents, and many of them were casualties. None of these people are not considered with opinion of 162 thousand signers against poisonous project. No one cares that the whole city will be doomed to extinction due to the fact that in shallow region where many small lakes are not renewable, but not LARGE RIVERS flow, there is not enough drinking water!
The tragedy in Karakane (Magadan oblast) and Kollontai (Hungary) has happened because of the breakthrough of the storage of toxic waste.
We declare with all responsibility, that you are directly responsible for what happens to Chelyabinsk and suburbs, for the sickness and suffering that await residents, for the sacrifices that will be brought to the Golden calf.
Countdown of the Apocalypse - Armageddon run.

Chelyabinsk residents are not going to silently look at the destruction at the hands of the JSC "Gazprombank" Bank with state participation - the most important Russian border region.
There is no "social agreement" with the residents, health and property which is threatened by the object 1 class of danger "Tominskiy mine", was not, and never will be.
Countering all structures that support project "Tominsk GOK" in the region, will continue.
We demand to stop the financing of the project "Tominsk GOK".