Independence Day

Independence Day

In September, 2019, in a single day of voting elections of the Governor of CHO, as well as, mentioned a little less often - the elections of deputies of district councils in Chelyabinsk that will shape the city Council. The gubernatorial election is a separate and important issue, and while that is closer.

In the municipal elections it is necessary to participate, to participate in an organized and with the program complete ban of Hkgo. As revealed yesterday, the opponents of Hkgo Chelyabinsk can now count on the support of several deputies. But they are still too few, and they scattered.

To change the situation, we will be able, having received the majority of district Councils in the Chelyabinsk city Duma. It should be MPs who defend the interests of their voters, and not for sale Cyprus offshore bureaucrats.

This election is already time to prepare, to draw up a list of candidates who would be if our support could begin work in the districts.

Friends, if you are willing to be nominated as a candidate for district Councils or consider it necessary to nominate a Chelyabinsk - write in comments, write in the message group, let me know any other way.

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