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Stop Mining

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Stop Mining

My requirement S. F. Likhachev

The Minister of ecology of the Chelyabinsk region
Likhachev Sergey Fedorovich
06 Jun 2018. You live the state radio station "VESTI FM" said the following:
Is the protests that are biased and disburse. People spend money;
- "I really like the slogan they put forward to the population : "we gotta get out of this city. Soon we'll all die." Just never run. And outflow from the city is not visible;
- Korkinsky mine and they are not much interested. And the city dump too. And metallurgical giants, too. Brings to mind certain.
-We must pay tribute to RMK, which for their money decided to reclaim the korkinsky mine".
- We will listen to public opinion. Only it is not.
Being a native (unlike You) a resident of Chelyabinsk, will not going to leave, especially to flee from his native city, where they lived and are buried my grandmother and grandfather, my parents, my family and friends, as a party of protest against the Tominsk GOK and the coordinator of the "STOP the mine" from the first days of its existence, demanding an immediate reply to me:
1. Who is "biased" protest against Tominsk GOK?
2. What "disburse protests" against Tominsk GOK who, what, where and when to prepay? What are all the facts known to You, information about this.
In that case, if the specific facts You will not be named, to apologize for his words in front of the South Urals, opposed the construction of the Tominsk GOK in front of me, in particular.

V. Moskovets

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