Dear friends!

Stop Mining

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V. Moskovets

Stop Mining

Dear friends!
I quote from the letter below, this is the work of a team of many months work and scrupulous.

"Sergey, Hello,
Yes, of course you can tell people that your question is interested in the UN, and you can tell that was joined by several Special procedures of the UN Council on human rights. Different Spectateur different directions, but sometimes they start to do one thing together. This means that there is a concern that takes place to be a "bouquet" of violations of international obligations and human rights standards. Your case does seem to be 6 or 7 Spectateur. If you need I can send their names.

The letter of appeal will not be superfluous, but if it involves safety (risk) for people, it is not necessary, it is still (I believe), the special procedures also will not recede from the developed, at least in our working Group, for sure. On the other hand, such treatment may serve your case you can try to consider at the Global Forum on business and human rights, held annually by our Group at Geneva at the end of the year. There is going to political, civic and business leaders to discuss challenges, best practices and experience in the field of business and human rights. The working Group could invite you and the company of conversation in the Forum."

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