Stop Mining


Questions V. Moskovets and answers of the Minister of environment of the Chelyabinsk region S. F. Likhachev at the meeting 09.06.2018 G.

- Do you plan to review, to increase the standards of environmental quality in comparison with Federal (section 11 of the Statute on the Ministry of environment)?
— Who is engaged by a protest against the Tominsk GOK?
-Who exactly disburse protests against Tominsk GOK who, what, where and when to prepay?
— How is it that PAAS ("Yuzhuralzoloto", K. I. Strukov) essentially has actually been released from the obligation to complete the reclamation of the Korkino section?
- One of the functions of the Ministry is "organization for economic valuation of environmental impact of economic and other activities on the territory of the Chelyabinsk region" (clause 7 of the regulation on the Ministry of environment). What specific measures, actions taken currently by the Ministry for economic assessment of the project Tominsk GOK, Mikheevskogo GOK, GOK Bereznyakovskiy, where and how to read them? If you are not organized this assessment, when it will be finished, when will be brought to justice employees of the Ministry of environment has not performed this function?
- please pay attention to the situation around eco-Park (Magnitogorsk, Lesoparkovaya, 1) Residents are treated, complain of excessive felling of trees not caused by the need to bring up the Park
- Why the streets of Chelyabinsk (in particular, Leninsky district) disappeared containers for collecting plastic? When in Chelyabinsk in the yard in the yards will appear containers for separate collection of plastic, paper, glass (section 62-11 of the Regulations on the Ministry of environment)?
-The village of New construction (Magnitogorsk): located near the forest covered in unauthorized landfills. Local official of Department of ecology: "put them in a queue to clean the queue will have 2 years to go, during this time, the village is generally in a stable turn. The question of CKS (the"Central utility service")"

Thanks to Dmitry Zakalyukina for organizing the meeting, Vladimir Giddio for the operational training video!