Dear friends!


V. Moskovets

Stop Mining

Dear friends!
The city administration persistently pushes civic activity on the outskirts. For obsecionado meeting in the framework of "Protect Life!" we very specifically requested a site near the ice arena "Tractor". In this situation, we took what is called asymmetric solution.
16 and 17 June, the Center "Big Chelyabinsk" holds a rally in the form of a National Gathering for all environmental problems. It is the industrial emissions (including a blatant case of dumping mercury company Mechel-coke), the problem Tominsk GOK, protection from Poletaevskiy landfill and much more, including, of course, the problem of gardening of particular relevance to the North-West of the Kalinin district. In 2017, the North - West was an area of unprecedented growth of public environmental activity. This year we propose to create a platform for the people's Assembly in the North - West. The success of this new endeavour in creating unity for the sake of General Affairs depends only on us. The people's Assembly will be held in the "Free megaphone." Invited representatives of all movements and currents, as well as active and concerned citizens!
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