ACT IN ALL Directions

ACT IN ALL Directions

As the correspondent of RIA "New Day", activists of the movement "Stopgo" not going to spend their shares on the Parking lot. This was stated by the member of coordination Council of public organisations Vasily Moskovets.

We will remind, earlier the mayoralty of Chelyabinsk has invited the social activists to hold a rally against the construction of the Tominsk GOK on the Parking lot at the ice Palace "the Tractor". Explaining that all other public grounds in the city are busy. "It's just a slap in the face! – says Vasily Moskovets. – Moreover, no activities on 12 June on the Scarlet field, which we claimed was not".

This question has become political, said the activist. "First, we drove to the Park, Kolosenko – like Vasily Moskovets. – But the officials did not stop: now they're trying to squeeze us for margin. It does not suit us".

However, on the upcoming weekend, another environmental organization still intends to try out a new platform: on 16 and 17 may there will be rallies odekolona center "Big Chelyabinsk". Although this organization is prone to small but frequent protests.

With regard to activists "Stopgate", they intend to appeal the actions of officials in the Prosecutor's office and Investigative Committee: social activists believe that the municipality deliberately impedes their public events.

Meanwhile, the confrontation between the South Urals and builders Tominsk GOK was interested in the United Nations. "Yes, of course you can tell people that your question is interested in the UN, and you can tell that was joined by several Special procedures of the UN Council on human rights, – stated in the organization's response to one of the activists of the movement "Stoppok".– Different Spectateur different directions, but sometimes they start to do one thing together. This means that there is a concern that takes place to be a "bouquet" of violations of international obligations and human rights standards".

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