"In Russia, a wave of protests against raising the retirement age: July 1 to protest the people came out of the Far East, Siberia, Urals, Northern and southern regions.
One of the leaders of the public movement "Stop mining" Vasily Moskovets drew attention to another problem – the increase in value added tax from 18% to 20% and said that the organizations involved in natural resource extraction, return the amount of VAT from the Federal budget.

"Of RCC (Russian copper company trying to build near Chelyabinsk Tominskiy GOK) returned VAT in excess of all the others paid her taxes! Offshore companies that drain our resources! This money would be enough for the pensions of more than 100 thousand South Ural pensioners", – said the Moskovets.
He recalled that the home of another law enforcement officer-the personnel officer found millions of rubles and offered to engage in searches for all these "HR": "Money be enough to increase the pensions of the Russian pensioners", – said the activist.

As for retirement age, that, in his opinion, first you have to enter the raise for officials and security forces: "we will see how they will to this pension to survive, and maybe we'll think about it more – also will take part". Protesters this proposal was warmly supported."

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