Dear friends, we have great news for you today!

Stop Mining


V. Moskovets

Stop Mining

Dear friends, we have great news for you today!
The policy of the Ministry of environment and regional operator cleared: Separate collection and treatment of waste.

Now we need to give beautiful promises to turn into a farce.
In accordance with the current territorial scheme, sorting is now provided only on reloading stations at the perimeter of the city. Unfortunately, the percentage of recovery of recyclable materials for processing with this approach will be measured in units.

In other words, without presenterone at the level of the container yard the whole system useless.

The good news is that we have been preparing for this moment since 2012. Experimented, was wrong, changed the design, negotiate with processors... and now we are ready to install containers for separate waste at all container sites.

But for this we need your help.
If you want to have on your site appeared the container, the waste from which is guaranteed to go to recycling, not the landfill, then you need to make a few steps:

1. to negotiate with your management company or HOA about installing a special container (the costs of manufacturing, installation and maintenance, we will undertake)
2. repeat step 1. with nine closest venues, in order to form a pool of 10 containers.

All! within a month we will install the containers and start to reduce the amount of waste for landfills!

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