29 Jul 2018

29 Jul 2018

Major events on 28 July 2018

1) "Activatie" about the conflict in the street Kalinin.

2) Meanwhile, in Voronezh...

a) Write in your own words a letter to the President of the Russian Federation - http://letters.kremlin.ru/
b) to Write to the PROSECUTOR's office, MIA - http://genproc.gov.ru/contacts/ipriem/
C) to Write to the RPN - http://74.rpn.gov.ru/node/150
g) to File a complaint against the press . http://www.presscouncil.ru/index.php
d) Write the Public chamber of the Russian Federation https://eis.oprf.ru/send/treatment
e) the Internet reception room of the Ministry of ecology of the Chelyabinsk region
g) the office of public Prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk region http://www.chelproc.ru/internetroom/linkwithproc/
h) Internet - reception of the administration of Sosnovsky district
and) Chief Federal inspector in the Chelyabinsk region.. public reception http://gfi74.uralfo.ru/priemnaya/priemnaya/
- sign-up sheet, flyers, stickers on cars - https://vk.com/topic-56308476_3223237...
to sign the e-petition
We have to appeal to all participants with a request for rendering the feasible monetary aid
The transfer of funds requested to carry out card In Poletavkin .. 4276721244785275 .
Thanks to Sergey Glavatskikh.


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