RMK said about water consumption in the amount of 40 million m3 per year

Stop Mining
Stop Mining

RMK said about water consumption in the amount of 40 million m3 per year. Raisa Kazantsev considers that this figure underestimated the actual water consumption bude order of 60 million m3 (!). This is comparable to two oz. Sineglazovo per year.

As it became known, on Miheevsky GOK, as reagents for flotation are used the following substances.

1. Glass liquid sodium GOST 13078-81, hazard class 3
2. The xanthate potassium butyl, TU 2452-292-00204168-2000, 3rd grade flotation collector reagent
3. Sodium sulfur technical GOST 596-89, hazard class 2
4. Methylisobutylcarbinol, flotation reagent, hazard class 3
5. Milk of lime, GOST 9179-77, surfactants, hazard class 3
6. Oxal T-92, flotation agent, hazard class 3
7 Aeroflot sodium butyl TU 245200-007-43953934-2012 gatherer, hazard class 3

As you can see, all components 2 and 3 class of danger. This means that after using water for flotation, the water will not only be undrinkable, but will be poisoned.

Every year Tominskiy the mine will poison 40-60 million m3, which is over 25 years old will be more than one billion tons of drinking water. Part of the poison accumulates in the Korkino section, part coming through groundwater. What will remain when RMK go from here?

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