When the water becomes poison

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When the water is poison...

If I ask: so will Took or not, I honestly answer that I don't know, but I'm leaning no. Why? Yes, because poison annually to 60 million tons of drinking water is a crime on a global scale.

Probably not everyone knows that the original draft of the Tominsk GOK when it was planned tailing dump and not flushing the waste in the korkinsky mine, rmelnik told everyone that they will have a closed cycle of water, which means not one drop will not go beyond the territory of Tohoku and nothing will suffer from toxic waters. State examination of the project was given just that and the water intake was planned around 6 million m3 per year.

After the audit, after which it was proposed to dump all near Korkino, Dubrovsky exclaimed how wonderful and gave the go-ahead for construction. Then everywhere started to show to tell how good and wonderful is going to crap, sorry, "reclaim" the korkinsky mine toxic wastes, regardless of who likes it or not. Yes, that's just one thing: the project of the closed water supply and water demand becomes disconnected. Water containing hazardous flotation reagents, sulfates and heavy metals, will flow in the korkinsky mine in which there is no waterproofing. Moreover, under it are the strategic drinking water reserves.

However, there's more: a response from the Federal Agency of water resources is such that Tominskiy GOK is not currently provided with water for conducting their activities. This means that now the construction of the concentrator of Tohoku, is illegal, since the state assessment was issued on a closed cycle and for water consumption of 6 million m3 and the new project and no new examination 40 million m3 per year either.

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