Friends, here's the news)

Friends, here's the news)

This is due directly to my work as a lawyer Stopgate, litigation, including the sad Order of the Federal forestry Agency of the Russian Federation on the transfer of forests by letter Komjakova * (name I specify without a name, patronymics, for those who have to read it).
The secret is hard work to find sources of financing for Stopgate, meet with my clients, trying to threaten them and demand to stop cooperating with me.

Once again I explain for those who in the tank, on Karl Marx street - Stopgate no sources of funding except for donations from people, who are known in the VC group, data public and open.

Demand to stop "two. of the casket, with the same person," in violation of the law, to hold an informal meeting with my clients, to intimidate, to pressure and to deprive me of the opportunity to work in the city of Chelyabinsk.

Any questions - come and get answers directly.

The present appeal think my official warning about possible provocations against me, my family, my colleagues and my customers.

Stop Mining