Tominskiy GOK "killed" growers or "Hello" from Dubrovsky - SNT Dubrovskiy

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Tominskiy GOK "killed" growers or "Hello" from Dubrovsky - SNT Dubrovskiy

Look at the photo below. Where it will look like a garden partnership "Dubrovsky", "Avtoremontniki", "Glinka", in 10-20 years, after the start of Tominsk GOK. Don't believe? Then let's see the OFFICIAL documentation.

For a start, it should be recalled that the SNT "Dubrovsky" is located 470 metres from Tohoku, "Glinka", 2.5, Avtoremontnik just over km will be on those areas at the beginning of the blasting and the active phase of mining operations? That's right, they will start to fill with dust and not just anyhow any dust and sulphide - a toxic, heavy IU (mercury, arsenic, lead, etc.). Conduction of gardening on the part of growers will become meaningless. You'll eat and feed their children and grandchildren poisoned food? Of course not. But this is only the beginning.

According to the official documentation, namely:
with the regulations on spatial planning and technical-economic indicators
ABOUT-2016-008-GP "
in these SNT's just no water. Look at the quote from page 97.

"Water gardening – SNT Dubrovskiy and SNT
Avtoremontnik - located on the territory of the rural settlement Tominskoye, can also be carried out from a main conduit Sosnovka-Emanzhelinsk upon receipt of permission from the relevant services and the development of individual projects which customer will serve themselves SNT."

Please note that the gardeners will have to order and of course to pay for the project and work on summarizing water to those of SNT. I can assume what it will be amount and how many pensioners - gardeners would be willing to chip in decent amounts? The answer is obvious: for most, it will be unaffordable amount, and people will simply abandon their plots.

By the way did not say why there is a need to connect water if now these SNT feed from their wells. The fact is that two career Togota just "suck" all the water because of development of depression cone, as repeatedly told by experts and all this is described in the explanatory note on pages 95-96.
By the way here is a link to the document itself

Earlier people tried to leave the memory of something good and bright, the Governor Dubrovsky leave devastation and dead land.