Tominskiy on mine there is no water

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Tominskiy on mine there is no water...

And say it themselves RMK, or rather former technical Director of the Tominsk GOK Victor Baron. Here's a quote:

"Evaluation of the possibility of waste disposal in the Korkinsky cut is really carried out,– explained Victor Baron.– To date, however, in the context of the mining of coal and the reserves not yet exhausted.

And in 2015, the company Dobersek by order of the Tominsk GOK work "the introduction of the scheme hydrocycloning, thickening, hydraulic transport and storage of thickened tailings in the context of korkinsky". In this work it is concluded that a breakdown will occur the accumulation of water in the amount of 4.0–4.2 million cubic meters a year, and then for the normal operation of the concentrator is necessary to increase the volume of water intake from external sources up to 15 million cubic meters per year. We have the same annual limit from external sources, 8 million cubic meters. To make up the difference out of nowhere."

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It turns out that a 15 year water was not even 8 million m3, of RMK and is now requesting a minimum of 40 million m3 and it is? And this deficiency in the Chelyabinsk region of drinking water, RMK will pick up and poison from 40 to 60 million tons of water per year. What about national security may be involved if an offshore company may, with impunity to poison the enormous reserves of water in the proximity of megacities and no it cannot stop?