Stop Mining

The Poem Of Maria Berseneva

V. Moskovets

Stop Mining

When I was little
Cute little girl with a ribbon in the queue )
I dreamed a lot about different
And it seemed that all true to me.

It seemed to me that life is so beautiful.
I painted it everywhere.
On the pavement, on Whatman paper white
And school green Board.

In the distance many many trees
And above them float the clouds,
Box is clean and big
And it's all butterflies and flowers.

And you're running on the field
And breathe in his scent,
And above it sky,
At night there is a meteor shower.

And in each figure the sun
In the upper right corner of the sheet ).
Here is a simple happiness
It was in my childhood then I do.

To the people around does not hurt,
It was the most important of all,
To have more smiles
More friendship and kind words.

Today flipping through the album
Remembering your children's laughter
I feel so sorry for this girl
All will be sorry for all.

If we are going to fail,
If we lose those
In whom nothing Holy
One and soul not.

Because it is impossible differently
Because it is impossible to others
To take away people's hope,
To take on light dreams.

But still ahead there is a page
And we can add
This book about our tomorrow,
To choose her own ending.

Or home close to pathetic
Come what may myself to say.
Or quit all together strong
And victory to defend her!

To defend their right to field
The fact that the butterflies and flowers
Instead of a field where the strontium and cadmium
And then another, and arsenic.

Defend health and years
Those that are over allocated.
Not what you want us to leave,
To punish people without guilt.

Today I asked her
That girl with the ribbon in a braid.
Do you think it will work?
And she answered me.

Well, of course you will,
On the other you just can't.
You do a lot and you're good
Only you believe more in yourself!

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