The Heart Of The Urals

The Heart Of The Urals

Blue sky covered with soot in some places,
Hidden to the horizon, dark forests,
The sun was hot, clear weather,
In its original form is not a long time nature.

Blue river, rocks, sand,
Wonderful place, fine Rucheek,
Clean water, zagorcic sparkles.
Scooping in the palm of your hand I want to get drunk.

The air is fragrant, moist, fresh, clean,
The world is full of rich, mountainous and wooded,
Coniferous forest, gully washed by the water
Field of daisies, next to the sewage....

A pond you can swim? Reeds and slime,
Career difficult, there at the bottom of the rubber,
Take a walk through the forest, berries, mushrooms,
To hide from progress, rested in the shade.

Lake, plain, the Ural mountains rich,
Copper, ore and clay hidden billions
The city of one million, factories,
Crying gray rain to the mountain of waste.

Crying rain in a landfill, puts out fire pit
Just a little confused, smoldering ashes.
Air, mixture of gases. - Is this the norm?!
Sighs over and over again, tearing the throat...

Need more money, get to know
Dig a hole easier, save harder.
Was next to mine, and now of emptiness,
Land was arable land, died...

Again the gulls circling, screaming stunning,
Management service, the profit is large
The lives of people a penny, not buy health,
All about money, a candle in the headboard...

Residents workaholic - all of them decided
Age of your laborers to cut in a hurry
Copper is layers, rock,
Rain sheds tears, sadness of the outcome.

The main challenge to ship more
Negatives hiding, to last longer
Could the disease soon, a dome of suffocation
Covers the city, profit - indifference.

Production of the mountain as a ridge of slag
Again smoke from the factories, adding to the gloom,
Filters obsolete, no gas cleaning
Just to set goals, despite the risks.

Residents get sick, the winds spread the smoke.
People that have?? No one will ask...
Remove the surface, paint the sky grey,
Polluting the countryside, taking a shit atmosphere....

Here are a few plants?!! - Pipe in the sky breathe.
The crowd of people. Almost can't hear!!!
Donor "blood" splatters, dumps, landfills,
Gasping for breath in the red, the bottomless abyss.
Nelly Vakhrusheva

Thank you Alexandra Semeniuk for the link.

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