66.RU said: "the Company and the regional government came to a compromise agreement on the status of the land, but the court refused to satisfy.

“EVRAZ KGOK” and the forestry Department of the Sverdlovsk region are unable to reach an amicable agreement on the Sobstvenno-kachkanarskoe Deposit (SCM).

Officially, the dispute arose in October 2017 because of the status of the land. The Agency banned Eurasia to develop the Deposit, despite the existence of an enterprise license for the production of titanium-magnetite ores in the area. In court proceedings it is reported that a considerable part of the mining lease is in the commercial nut and nut-fertile areas. These areas relate to “valuable” and “specially protected" forests — in their territory is impossible to carry out industrial activities.

In January KGOK appealed the Department's decision, and in late June, the parties executed a settlement agreement. The Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation, representatives of the Federal forestry Agency, Rosnedra, OOO and “Ltd” decided to transfer the disputed plots from the forest Fund into lands for industrial use. The participants of the process have approved the document on creation of the working Commission which will supervise this process and will decide “other unresolved questions ensure that the development of SCM”. Parties shall ensure that “the agreement does not violate the rights and legitimate interests of other persons and not contrary to the legislation of the Russian Federation”. But the court approved a settlement agreement."
Everything is relative: Sverdlovsk officials and would-be enrichers arranged, apparently, "the funny process", decided to take on the judge the responsibility for violation of the law, but she did not want to be substituted, have not adopted the "settlement agreement"
Alas, when our regional authorities, even in such sewn with white thread schemes have ofshornikov no need, no ships, simply Tominskiy protective forest was transferred from protective status to operational status.
Komyakov, pancakes and To no responsibility in these Affairs have not suffered so far.


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