The poem of Vladislav Verigo, a member of our group, nominated for the competition "Visible word" literary magazine "Moscow"

Shake black coffee night.
White lunar horns
As if modeled with a very
Of fat mass on Thursday.

A rushing wind. Cry stupid
Drunken throats ripped.
As Forest “Snail...” Strugatsky —
Cloaca, cranks, Ural...

The price of copper, of course, height.
Ruby W pine, dammit!
There will be a moat, and our bones
Come and sit on the edge.

Copper, gold and steel. Fatigue....
Scored, as if the life of the tube.
So a conspiracy of two or three metals
Decided the fate of the pine.

Night, black coffee... Very simple
Brought two suitcases up.
There is a war — thin and thick.
Human — man.

November's red star
Yet — blizzards and frost.
There is a war — for the stale air,
For pyrites and vitriol!

Rushed the dog, mangy, skinny —
Runaway from the family of Ulysses.
When Farah rustled grove
Shaggy needles scenes.

When the quarry — only a collar,
Sit and drink cognac with Perrier.
And infinite movement.
And down, outwards and growing careers.

A hungry howl, a vacant lot, mud...
Dog somewhere found something.
As written by William Maugham:
“the Moon and sixpence”. All — about the Urals.

Among the muck and chaos
Alive the Pharaoh! Forehead — coral.
With crisp tread of Cheops
He measured the site".

I hope that the poem will receive the Grand Prix!