Vasily Moskovets

Stop Mining

At the request of the public appealed again to the Governor. We thank the citizens for their trust in the fight for our beloved boron!

The Governor
Chelyabinsk region
Dubrovsky B. A.

Dear Boris Aleksandrovich!
25 Oct 2018, when conducting hearings regarding projects concerning the building of the Chelyabinsk city forest, the absolute majority of those present at the event disagreed with the sending of the project of development of territory of the Bor for revision and asked to remove the discussion of any projects involving any construction on the territory of the nature monument. Public opinion expressed through the vote, which gave a perfect result in the protection of the Chelyabinsk city pine forest. As a public organization with the status of legal entity and executes the request of members of the public who trust us to bring it to the leadership of the region public opinion on the issue of development or road construction in the Chelyabinsk city of Bor we officially declare any objects and roads on the territory of the Bor will be an additional factor of public outrage in the already difficult socio — political situation in the city of Chelyabinsk. In view of the above circumstance, we consider it necessary to ask the leadership of the region in Your face simple and direct questions. How do You intend to achieve from SOA implementation, You declared at a press conference on October 31, the positions for expanding official boundaries of the city of Bor? How the declared position to protect the Bor agrees with You support the construction of the so-called "visitor centre" that is able, according to concerned citizens, to increase the anthropogenic load on the city of Bor? How Chelyabinsk public can start a dialogue with the government about a total moratorium on any logging on the territory of the city of Bor in accordance with the results of voting of citizens at the public hearing to October 25, 2018?

Executive Director Y. B. Cherkasov

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