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Stop Mining


Dear Boris Aleksandrovich!

Environmental problem the city of Chelyabinsk have long ceased to be only a regional challenge. In his address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation 01 March 2018, President Vladimir Putin mentioned in Chelyabinsk could among the most negative examples of the environmental conditions in our country.

With the arrival of winter environmental problems in the Chelyabinsk escalated, fell on the city was able to feel all of his "charms" were not only Chelyabinsk residents, but also foreign guests - representatives of the delegations of the member countries of the Shanghai cooperation organization, arrived in the city on 5 December.

In Chelyabinsk more emergency situation for the practical solution of which is necessary to attract Federal resources to extinguish waste dumps, Korkinskaya mine lake Kurochkyne, reduce industrial emissions to the maximum permissible norms, to expand monitoring of ambient air, and to prosecute those responsible under unfavourable environmental conditions.

In this regard, the Party of Veterans of Russia supports the demands of the Movement "Stop mining" on the normalization of the ecological situation in Chelyabinsk, namely:

1. The Declaration of a state of emergency (Emergency) in the city of Chelyabinsk;

2. The establishment of the headquarters (working group) at the exit of the emergency with the assistance of deputies, Industrialists, regulators, and the public;

3. Unscheduled inspections at the enterprises with participation of the public in the days of NMU (adverse weather conditions);

4. Develop action plan to reduce emissions of industrial plants under long-NMU (over 3 days);

5. Emergency equipment of all educational, medical, social institutions are systems of General ventilation equipped with filters;

6. The solution to the question of the evacuation of children for the period NMU 2 and 3 degrees;

7. Ensuring the budget for children up to 18 years old individual means of protection (respirators).

Dear Boris Aleksandrovich!

The environment is one of the main factors of satisfaction of the population quality of life in the area. And it is no accident that improving the quality of life is one of the strategic tasks of further development of the Russian Federation as a social state, which is especially clearly stressed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his may decree №204 of 07.05.2018 "On the national goals and strategic objectives development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2024".


The Chairman Of The Party Of Veterans Of Russia

Ildar Rezyapov

Press service

Party Of Veterans Of Russia




To see an appeal and a link to the Group on the issue Tominsk GOK - https://vk.com/stop_gok?w=wall-56308476_228849