repost V. Veselovskaya

Stop Mining

repost V. Veselovskaya

Dear friends, members of the movement!
Our comrade and undisputed leader appeals to us for help!
We need to think, to decide what each of us can help Vasily Viktorovich move forward in such a difficult case.
The more of us who decided to change life on our native land, the greater will be the result of changes in our region.
Please join!

Stop Mining

Friends, colleagues and countrymen!
Took the decision to participate in the competition for the position of mayor.
Any ideas on how not to turn this contest in the cabal
In connection with this question: respond, please, ONLY the ONES that can ask for help at ANY TIME only on the issue of the CONTEST at the HEAD of the CITY?
Again: please respond to ONLY THOSE whom I CAN rely to assist (time, test documents (Declaration, information about the property, etc.), training programs, analysis of comments, suggestions and orders).
Will be created special. group staff in preparation for the competition. Invited only those who will respond
The chief of staff of the campaign will have all responded to conduct surveys to find out what EXACTLY can help without compromising ourselves, our families, work and so on.

Your Vasily Moskovets