News Agency "URALPRESS" reports "of the Arbitration court of Chelyabinsk region denied the JSC «Tominskiy processing plant” (part of Russian copper company) to dismiss the case on claim consideration of the social activists to ban the activities of the company.

As the Director of the Chelyabinsk regional public organization “Environmental consulting» Vladimir Kazantsev public the first of March has addressed in court with the claim to JSC “Tominskiy mine”, in which he asked to invalidate issued by the administration of Sosnovsky district a permit for construction of a mining and prohibit activities Tominsk GOK, which in the future will be able to harm the South Urals.

The first requirement was allocated in a separate proceeding and the court then dismissed its review.

According to the plaintiff, development, construction and operation of the Tominskoye porphyry copper Deposit ore will cause irreparable harm to human health and the environment. In addition, in the vicinity of the object under construction is planned to grow seedlings of cedars for their further sale.

The Respondent against satisfaction of the claim objected, believing that the Arbitral Tribunal is not empowered to hear such claims. However, according to Rostekhnadzor considered the matter relates to the jurisdiction of the Tribunal. At the same time, in the opinion of this Department, there is no reason for the suspension of works on the objects Tominsk GOK.

Forest management said that the defendant provided he uses forest areas in accordance with the stated objectives.

Examining all submissions, the court decided to refuse satisfaction of the petition of JSC «Tominskiy GOK” on the termination of the proceedings.

The next meeting is scheduled to hear expert opinions on individual aspects of the GOK (including water).

As already reported, Tominskiy mining plant received permission for withdrawal of water for their production needs from the river in the shot above Shershenevsky water storage – the only drinking source of Chelyabinsk and nearby settlements. The activists of the movement «Stop mining” I believe that the implementation of this decision may lead to water collapse which will be much more serious garbage (was in Chelyabinsk in the fall)."


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