Stop Mining


Kirovka, December 23, from 14 to 15 hours

Vasily Moskovets

Stop Mining

March Of The Mothers. Regulations.

Friends, first of all, I want to draw your attention to the fact that the procession is quite a short event, but because to notice it, absolutely not. You simply will not have time to join, and all your efforts will be in vain.

1) 14-00 collection.
This time is considered the beginning of the event and this is the time we start preparing for the procession. Expandable banners, arranged in a column and so on. We gather with you near the main post office, the "Zero mile" near McDonald's, Kirova, 161 and so on. Whichever guideline is clear. On the map, the gathering place is marked with the letter "A".

2) 14-15 the beginning of March.
It is clear that you can start and a few minutes later, but still, I once again urge everybody, by this time already be in place. Already be in the column.
We will move in the direction of the Opera house to the monument "Mother, child and the dove", on the map this place is marked with the letter "B".

3) 14-30 the end of March.
Collection of banners, selfie-session, communication, collection of children's drawings on the theme of ecology, to transmit them to the Governor.

I want to draw your attention that the route is no different marathon long, so it is recommended to go together smoothly and on time.

I took it at a leisurely pace for 7 minutes. Given that the column may move slower, this time may increase, but they understand that being late to the event, according to the old Russian tradition for half an hour will not work.

I want to emphasize about children's drawings, if any of your kids want to draw what he sees the ecological situation in Chelyabinsk, it is, of course, will be the best poster on the March Mothers. Later we will make a photo album in the group, and the originals will give the Governor, that he would also understand how children perceive the world around them.

4) 15-00 End of the event.