The positive:
1. Some body work, the platform it'll be. We need to send proposals is necessary.
2. Unlike the Governor Boris Dubrovsky, who prefer to meet only with such "famous for his deeds and results," how "ANTI-SMOG", "Ecology of Chelyabinsk" and so on., V. A. Elistratov held a meeting with us. At least, did not scoff.

From the negative:
1. Again tomorrow, NMU, and no plan of the officials there.
2. Presented their proposals in writing.
3. Right Kirill Artyukhov wrote:
“the Law does not allow».
“can do”.
Yes, we see how the Chelyabinsk officials “can do” with the environmental problems of Chelyabinsk, and what it leads to our city."

That's right: the officials do not want to admit that he had brought the situation to "handle" to the limit of people's patience.
And it is still necessary to convey to convey: first, they must recognize that there is a problem, then let's start to solve it Like with alcoholics: until a man recognizes that he has a serious problem, nothing will.

Therefore, on 23 November, during a March in Kirovka, we need to show the officials of the city, the region, the feds, what the problem is and it is extremely serious. To solve it still have, so it is better to start solving now.
See you on the Kirovka, already this Sunday, December 23, in 14 hours.
Be sure to come all will discuss again the results of the meeting and all this stormy 2018!

PS: I have handed the book and V. A. Elistratova as ACTING head of the city, and S. Likhachev. The book, as you know, the best gift. Hope, read hope think.

Oh, and thanks to Andrew Kostenko and Igor Krivchenko who made this meeting possible!


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