Stop Mining


Vasily Moskovets

Stop Mining

The drawings of our children. They brought them to us today for the March of Mothers.

I want to believe that one day they will no longer have such a miserable subject for their drawings.

To make this happen, we - parents, must use every tool we have: writing, petitions, letters, suing, organizing rallies, demanding that we must be heard! We must fight for our right to live in dignity!

We will deliver these drawings to the governor Dubrovsky. We still have hope that industrialists, civil servants and policemen might regain their humanity. We hope that they understand right now that it has gone on long enough and that it is time for them to abide by the law and do their job.

A big thank you to all the children for their drawings!
A big thank you to all the parents that have raised them right!
These parents are citizens in the truest sense!

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