While we in fierce fights to defend their right to a healthy environment and freedom of Assembly in the streets, our tireless Svitlana действует1 And how it works!

"the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region
B. A. Dubrovsky

The letters of the Ministry of environment CHO
from 06.12.2018: No. 01/11030; No. 01/11036;
No. 01/11037; No. 01/11072;
from 07.12.2018: No. 01/11102; No. 01/11135;
from 11.12.2018: No. 01/11229; No. 01/11230;
from 14.12.2018 - No. 01/11386

On the inadmissibility of implementation of the project Tominsk GOK; the illegality of the enterprise of the 1st class of danger

The above letter is confirmed by the observed public city of Chelyabinsk trend of the Ministry of environment CHO: to be a bystander strategically important issue – the inadmissibility of implementation of the project Tominsk GOK because of the risk of global environmental and social disasters. They, like, heard of the famous proverb: “I not I, and not my horse…” or “My business…”.

However, the government of the CHO must perform their functions in strict accordance with the requirements of the Constitution and of the Law «About the Government CHO” from 17.12.2001 № 57-ZO “in the interests of the population of the region”.

Obliged to take measures to implement the rights of citizens to protection of health, sanitary and epidemiological and ecological well-being.

Meanwhile, within five years, the Government CHO does not protect citizens ' rights to health and life, not the wildlife of the outskirts of Chelyabinsk, and the commercial interests not of Russian, offshore companies "RMK".

Even the terrible tragedy of the citizens of the city of Ivdel of Sverdlovsk region did not CHO forced the Government to take urgent measures to stop the illegally started construction Tominsk GOK for environmentally and economically flawed project.

Special attention requires exceptional “pearl” the author of the letter No. 01/11386 from 14.12.2018 in response to the demand of specialists, experts and citizens of Chelyabinsk – to prevent the recurrence of the terrible tragedy in the town of Ivdel.

Quote: “the Legislation does not provide for a ban on the construction of a new facility in violation of environmental requirements at the similar operating objects”.

A simple Russian peasant will not allow themselves to “step on the same rake” yours or others.

And the Minister of environment of CHO required for this special law?

Once again the citizens of Chelyabinsk require:

* To stop the illegally started construction of the Tominsk GOK.

* Timely closure of environmentally and economically flawed project to avoid repetition of the tragedy. Ivdel'.

It is necessary to remember about the responsibility for the poisoning of the environment under article 358 of the criminal code "Ecocide"

On behalf of the public
the independent expert,
a designer with over 50 years of experience,
20 years of experience
Heep Chelyabinsk Gipromez p/p, S. V., Knyazev,"


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