Natalia Petrova

Natalia Petrova

In connection with the new environmental disaster in Sibai, which is silenced for 2 months,
looked into Wikipedia to read about Uchalinskiy GOK, and here's what I found there
"sediment of nearby lakes possess anomalous chemical composition, due to: massive explosions at the quarry enterprise in 1970-1980-ies and deposition of sulphide dust due to the operation of the processing plant. Heavy metal concentrations in sediments formed over the last half century, amount to 300 milligrams per kilogram for copper, 1000-6000 — zinc, 70 — for lead and 4 — for cadmium (background concentration in the lakes of Ural make up 48, 79, 21 and 0.37 mg/kg, respectively). In the pore waters of bottom sediments increased concentration of sulfate ion S O 4 2 , reaching 2825 mg/l, which greatly exceeds the MCL for drinking water

Within a radius of 10-12 km around UGOK there is increased dust content of snow cover. The contents of HMS in the snow above the background values of Cu 10-400, Zn — in 5-150, Pb and Ba in 2-10 times.

As a result of the activities of the plant disappeared from the lake Small Uchaly. It was converted into a tailings facility, collection of sewage of the enterprise. The result is the completion, the plant dumps waste water into the river Kidish.

In 2015, in connection with the breakthrough of the tailings plant, in fact pollution water in Troitsk brought the case to Uchalinskiy GOK.

In February 2015 specialists of Roshydromet found in R. UY — a drinking source. — excessive concentrations of manganese ions in 77 times. Contamination of these and other chemical element caused by the inflow of polluted water from the river Cedis (tributary Yn), which is receiver of wastewater Uchalinsky GOK. As a result, the Troitsk difficult situation with water supply was organized the supply of potable water to the population, the situation was normalized only by April.

With the aim of reducing the tax load ugak gives objects contaminated lake near structures for protection of natural resources. The tailing dump of industrial waste intended for storage of non-utilizable wastes of concentration plants and for technological water. Tailings pond consists of a pond clarifier. The tailings dam used AO “Uchalinsk GOK” to protect against the negative impact is not from water and from wastewater generated from the activities of the enterprise.

During flood events is organized by the relief of unbalanced water from the process reservoir in Buyda R., resulting in exceeding of sanitary norms on individual ingredients.


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