Support our candidate!

Support our candidate!

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As participants of the competition for the selection of candidates for the position of Head of our City showed up for 11 people. And it's great: the more alternative the better for the city of Chelyabinsk

It remains only to ensure that all participants, all applicants for the position of millions of the city to publicly explain not only the eight members of the competition Committee, but to all the residents of Chelyabinsk, what they offer, what the program goals are available, what they (goals and programs) is better than the other; the contest was held openly, publicly, openly and online broadcasts.

That is why I, Vasily Moskovets, began a series of meetings with Chelyabinsk, so as to tell everyone their program, achieving the program objectives and suggestions for its content, critique, collect the orders (along with news, information on ongoing illegal construction Tominsk GOK will tell)
Of course, now I have no authority to specifically solve certain problems of the citizens, but certainly have the ability to collect, analyze, and articulate them in the course of the competition, to achieve their performances in the agenda.
Meetings will be held in each of the seven districts of the city: in the courts, in the workforce, on the streets. Planned to participate in the debate

In the CMP meeting will be held tomorrow, Saturday, January 12, from 16 to 17 hours
In churilovo on Sunday, January 13, from 11-30 to 12-30

January 15, in the Central district (court Br. Kashirinyh, 132A), from 11-30 to 12-30
January 17 in the Leninsky district (in the courtyard of Hugo, 2), from 18 to 19 hours
January 19 at Soviet (in the yard Kuznetsova, 37), from 16 to 17 hours
20 January in Kurchatov (Zakharenko, 9A, 12 and 13) and Kalinin (250 years to Chelyabinsk, 36, from 15 to 16 hours)

The organization of my meetings, campaign deals [id264872336|Maria Berseneva], so if you have the opportunity to organize another meeting - communicate, coordinate details

Yes, open debate organized by the "Apple" will be held on January 15, 2019, from 18-30 to 21-30 (online stream)

In General, participate, discuss, criticize, ask each candidate the publication of his programs (along with information about assets and income;)), ask the officials of the competition online broadcasts

We can make this a competition (which was conceived by officials as "a cozy get-together") was an open, public, transparent discussion of programs to make our City Green, Educated, Cultured, Healthy, Safe City for People.

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