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The results of the meeting of the organizing Committee of the rally.

Yesterday was held the first meeting of the organizing Committee of the rally "For the return of direct elections of the mayor of Chelyabinsk". In addition, I, the representative of the Chelyabinsk Apple, it was attended by representatives of different public-political forces of Chelyabinsk: Stoppok, the headquarters of the Bulk, OKP, Parnassus, Citizens, Open Russia, Left front and deceived, g-om Serebryansky real estate investors.

Together decided:

1. The need for a return of direct mayoral elections is recognized by all, and we are interested in this, primarily as residents of the city, so belonging to one or another political/social organizations at the rally doesn't matter;

2. The mayor, chosen by a popular vote, will be accountable to their constituents and will have to decide the real issues that we have in the city and which we, also, will speak at the rally: environmental setting, landscaping, densification, and accessibility...;

3. Begin to distribute leaflets of invitation to the meeting and ask everyone possible to help us;

4. Run a common site for the rally and all competitive-election campaign Where will all the information about the rally, petitions for the return of direct elections of the mayor of Chelyabinsk, the Commission, the candidates for the post of Head of the city and their programmes, so that everyone could learn all the interesting information;

5. Will make everyone at the open MIC in advance registered on the website of the rally and one representative from each public-political force. Importantly all will fit in 2 hours, regulations on speech no more than 5 minutes, return to the issue of direct election of the mayor;

6. The rally will collect live signatures in support of the petition "For the return of direct elections of the mayor of Chelyabinsk". Learn how to sign the petition in electronic form on the website;

7. At the end of the meeting we all take a common resolution, which, together with the signatures will give the competition the representatives of the SOA region and the Chelyabinsk city Duma, in those authorities which have taken away our right to elect a mayor and responsible for the issue of return of election.

All information on the event is available:
On the website:
In SOC. networks: [club172312012|@chelyabloko]