Stop Mining
Stop Mining


The city administration is in its usual poor condition.
Submitted by me on March 5, the notice on carrying out on 9 and 10 March the mass pickets of the Movement Stop mining on Kirov street near the building of the Central post office and of the Sign "zero kilometer", the property on the same day had prepared answers about the complete impossibility of their holding for an unknown reason.
However, with these answers I was given to see only on 7 March. In these responses has already become a hoary attempt of officials to hide the most important problems that arise because of the authorities, from public attention.
On the same day, March 7, in accordance with the legislation, I issued a counter offer at the place of holding mass pickets in the city center.
But probably that day even the female half of the administration was no longer able to perform their duties... status Of the other half of the administration all have long known.
Against illegal inactivity of officials of a city administration will take the appropriate action on my part.

In addition, I ask all citizens who today and tomorrow will be actively walking in the city centre, pay attention to those fields where it was stated the pickets, to personally verify the extent of the hypocrisy of the authorities.
And most importantly, to be willing to continue the struggle for their rights, for their future!
Mass picketing and rallies will be held every weekend!
Follow the information!