The best answer to the question: whether it is necessary to keep MPs active and partial

The best answer to the question: do I need to go to the deputies concerned active citizens?

"the Director “PZHREU the Kurchatov district” Valeriy Polikarpov concurrently Deputy “EP” at the Kurchatov district No. 16"

Stop Mining

Instead of nine beautiful IV, St. 40-letiya Pobedy 10, ceremoniously flaunt obrabeci-slingshot. OOO UK "PZHREU Kurchatov district", on a whim, I chopped off the objects of an accomplishment, without asking the consent of the majority of the residents.

Criminally infringed technology trimming: bare trunks without branches the first of the second order, straight slices, slices do not "ring". Trees stupidly disfigured and suffered injuries for life. As an example, street 40 years of Victory 8 (photo 5), where the same willow 3 years after stumps sick of the "pillars" without a full crown with Volkovym sickly shoots.

Rotting in the USA has not cut off the trees, afraid that the branches fall on the car (photo 6). But the envy of civilization, redolent of Chelyab covered the abyss of dirt and decay. By the way, the Director of "PZHREU the Kurchatov district" Valeriy Polikarpov part-time member of the "ER" at the Kurchatov district No. 16.