News Agency " Before. EN" reports "In Chelyabinsk, March 31, was agreed picket activists "Stop mining", the city authorities have allowed to gather in front of "Home life" almost at the stop of public transport. Going up to 60 people, in the hands of the protesters held posters calling to ban the construction of Tominsk GOK and to regulate road construction on the street of Darwin, the correspondent of Накануне.RU.

With today's event, with his permission-prohibition municipal authorities seem to be much too clever by half. Initially, the application of the activists of the "STOP Mining" was served in the traditional area in the Park Scarlet field, but it was rejected — she said she was busy. In the end, agreed on a picket line in front of "Home life", on the site of the public transport on Lenin Avenue.
"it Turned out that we were first deceived — nobody, of course, Scarlet field was not busy that day. But it turned out even better – the picket was held in front of numerous passers-by and residents, the traffic in this place is intense, so have seen many. And so — would be picketed behind the trees on the Scarlet field", — commented the leader of the "Stop-GOK" Vasily Moskovets.

It should be added that throughout last week, the activists are strongly invited to attend the event, the acting Governor of Teksler, to personally convey to him their own position and point of view. Today held two-hour picket lacked Teksler, but even a modicum of relevance to the subject of environment and road building officials – apparently, the call has not impressed anyone. Against the expansion of roads and interchanges in the streets of Darwin activists of other urban movements (not "Stop-GOK") have become recently, they believe that to widen the road in this location is not necessary.
Although there is no doubt that the situation is being monitored."

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