Good morning!

Good morning!
In yesterday's court session in brief:

1. Took us a receipt to disclose materials that are classified as "trade secret" and information received at the hearing. Up to criminal liability.

2. The defendant presented documents 12 boxes, a pile of folders. Even those in whom we doubted that they will represent. But even here they are different - the copy is not certified, not stitched in any way relate to the original impossible. I know that there are messengers of the GFCS, so I write consciously for them - the project is not granted in full, not in the composition, which was submitted to the Rosprirodnadzor in 2015 to environmental review.
For certification of copies of given a break to 05.04.2019.

3. Our experts has declined for the reason that "is not given the questions that they will give the explanation, but the right to re-the plaintiff (we) saved". Fix that, will submit again. Not scary.

There's beats. Let's go small steps to a big victory.

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