The working group on the issue of the Tominsk GOK

Friends! Ahead of a rally against Tominsk GOK. The first rally when Alexei Teksler. Residents of Chelyabinsk and the suburbs against the construction of the Tominsk GOK and we need to show that people are not accepted.

In order to succeed, we need the participation of everyone. Thursday and Friday will be informational pickets from 17:00 to 19:00 both days. April 19 during the ecological forum. You can stand in a picket line and come to the closest to you and take leaflets for distribution. The venue of the pickets declared to the administration:

Kalininsky district

1. The territory of the Institute of Thermal engineering (PR-kt Pobedy, 168)
2. The area of the intersection Molodogvardejtsev and Plehanova

Kurchatov district

3. The area around the Avenue that Victory, 192 and
4. The area around the SEC "Fiesta" the Young
5. The stop 8 micro-district
6. The territory of the Moldovan stop
7. The area of the intersection the Young Komsomol PR-KTA, from the “Pyaterochka”
8. The area of the intersection of the Young and the Komsomol prospectus on the part of Fantan
9. The territory of TEC “Focus”, Moldavian, 16

Leninsky district

10. The area around DC “Aurora”
11. The area of the Intersection of Gagarin and the Edge, from the Gagarin 9

Metallurgical district

12. The area around the Palace of Culture of Builders
13. Teriitory about Steelworkers, 66
14. The area around TC «Tape» in the Metallurgical area

The Soviet district

15. The area of the bridge from the Station to the Leninsky district
16. The area around thieves, 55
17. The area around market “Emerald”, opposite the district hospital
18. The stop DK Kolyshenko across the street from the square. Kolyshenko
19. —----------—
20. The area of the intersection tsvillinga and Ovchinnikov
21. The territory of Park of a name of Kolyshenko

Traktorozavodsky district

22. The area of the intersection salute and Jessie across the road from the Victory Garden
23. The territory of the store «Tower»

Central district

24. The territory in the square of “red box”, the crossroads of the Sverdlovsk prospectus and Lenin Avenue
25. The area around Plehanova, 161
26. The area around Lenin, 38
27. The area around the hotel «Radisson”
28. The area near the post office on Kirova

To sign up for picket in the comments or contact Maria Berseneva. Informing about the rally for today is the most important thing we can do until Sunday.

P. S. the Meeting will be held April 21 from 13:00 in Park im. Kolyshenko.

Maria Berseneva
#stopgo #митинг21апреля #texler

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