Today came the response to our appeal to the ACTING Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Teksler A. L.
Recall that after his first statement: "the tasks are clear — the national projects, primarily the solution of environmental problems ... Plan to rely on local people, public organizations, important feedback with the population”, March 21, 2019. Teksler A. L. was given a request for a personal meeting with representatives of the real existing public environmental movements of Chelyabinsk and Miass.

And now, after exactly a month, I (even not all listed in the appeal) was invited for a personal appointment acting Minister of ecology S. F. Likhachev.

But the position of S. F. Likhachev us so well-known, and specific questions for the flagellates we have.
Therefore, responding to the request of the employee of the Ministry of environment to report will come tomorrow "self-admission" answer: no.


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