The message of Ivan Ivanovich Shchedrin to the members of the Movement

"Dear members of the movement STOP mining!
We invite you to take part in the may day rally, which will take place 1.05.2019 at 10.30 am in the square to them. D. V. Koloshenko. Gathering at 9.30 am.

Together we consistently advocate ecological purity of our city, fighting against the construction of the Tominsk GOK. And same as STOP mine, are vulnerable to harassment by the authorities. We, like you, strongly muzzled, our rallies are driven to uncomfortable grounds. This time, under the false pretext of employment Al fields, the Boulevard of Fame in other organizations, we, in spite of our obstinate resistance, was again pushed into located on the outskirts of the square.

We encourage you to rally in solidarity to demand from the authorities real freedom of speech, freedom of Assembly, rallies, marches! Demand a ban on the construction of Hkgo! To enforce our constitutional rights!

First Secretary of the Chelyabinsk regional Committee of TFC I. I. Shchedrin."

For reference: the slogans, the posters, according to the notice: “long live the 1st of May - international workers ' Day”, “we Demand respect for the constitutional rights and freedoms”, “For the equality of election participants”, “Chelyabinsk - healthy environment”, “I Want to breathe clean air”, “No - construction Tominsk GOK”, etc.
Assumes the use of flags and other paraphernalia of the IOC, OKP, CFS, STOP mine, other public associations and movements that share the goals of the meeting."


Stop Mining