On 88 - m to year of life died Zinaida Fyodorovna Krivopalova

One of the first to Zinaida Fyodorovna, as a real bona fide scientist, announced the reasons of non development of the Tominskoye porphyry copper Deposit ore.
A participant in our first meeting 07.12.2013 g.

Proshanie will be held in the memorial hall clinical hospital #1 today, 13 hours

KRIVOPALOVA Zinaida Fyodorovna (b. 18.08.1931, Odessa), chemist, PhD. geogr. Sciences (1992), corresponding member Q. ROS. environmen. Academy (2000), excellence in water x-VA Russia (1999). In 1953 he graduated from the Kazakh state University T. Worked as a teacher at the school in Trinity ZOOVET. the Institute and mgmi. 1970 head. Department of biochemistry CHEFK, 1977 engineer, head. laboratory Deputy Director. at the scientific. the work of leading scientific. the employee was Growing up. Research Institute of complex use and protection of water resources. DOS. direction – diagnosis of water systems, development of water protection of t. Under the hands of CMV K. developed a forecast of water quality along the route of the diversion of the RR. Ufa-Miass; studied the causes of interference in the drinking water of People. and ways of eliminating them, the use of douches. drains in SC. the city's water supply. Ed. more than 150 articles, co-author of 3 monographs. Party Intern. symposia “ECWATECH", ROS.-Amer. environmen. program (issled. PP. Miass, Mississippi). Member. section reservoirs in Min-ve natural resources, the Advisory Council on vodkas. the field complex of the editorial Board of Zh. “Problems of ecology of southern Ural"; press Secretary of the People. office Intern. Union "human Ecology". Expert of the Federal program “Ecological safety of the Urals”. Awarded 2 silver medals of VDNKH of the USSR (1986, 1992) for the development of water protection of t. in the area of agricultural development (including the river Miass).

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