Repost V. Veselovskaya

Stop Mining

Repost V. Veselovskaya

Stop Mining

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Ask questions of the Acting . The first questions from the C..V. Knyazeva . Place, to be able to use and save your time.

The acting Governor of the Chelyabinsk region
A. L. Texler

The media has officially announced announced by the Acting Governor of the Chelyabinsk region in the forthcoming elections of the Governor.
Maybe now experts. citizens of Chelyabinsk– the future voters will receive a response to the transmitted 26.03.2019 year justified "the Inadmissibility of implementation of the project Tominsk GOK"
Maybe now they will learn:
• Why did the Acting Governor not stopped doing offshore, not a Russian company "RMK" legal outrage – illegal construction of object 1 class of danger in the absence of the project in full and the findings of examinations on it; illegal start of mine development?
• Why he doesn't understand or want to understand the consequences of the emergence of a new environmentally hazardous enterprises, which will poison wildlife – habitat Human? Without clean water and clean air will not survive People .
• Why does he want the deterioration of the ecological situation in Chelyabinsk and the region, standing in first place in the ranking of environmental troubles after the Sverdlovsk region?
• Why he has not fulfilled the constitutional will of the people, saying: NO! the construction of the Tominsk GOK?
• Will he be able to provide citizens their constitutional rights to health, life, healthy environment?
Contender for Governor during the election the company is obliged to answer the questions of citizens, their potential voters.

On behalf of potential voters
The independent expert S. V. Knyazeva