Very detailed, comprehensive article "New newspaper" about the events in Arkhangelsk region

"At the railway station Lies in the Arkhangelsk region, where Moscow wants to store their garbage, camp activists — opponents of the dump — is six months. Every day here come dozens of people, replacing those who defended the watch. They go not only from Arkhangelsk oblast, and Murmansk and Vologda, and the Republic of Komi and Nenets Autonomous district. Travel from Vyatka, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Activists, armed with two guitars (one burst fourth string) and satellite dishes (to the Internet), day and night guard detachments of Regardie and chop. Fighters, probably, three times more than people in tents. Riot police blocked the road to camp did not come new. RZD wants to cancel the Parking of trains to this place was quite inaccessible. We will explain why activists can still get to the station Shies. And why the government so stubbornly struggling with them. And why is the life of the Russian North was split into “to Chiesa” and “after Chiesa”.

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