Stop Mining

Alexander Kozhakin

Someone on TV said that Russia proud.

Modern Russia as a whole today can be proud of the only one who sees nothing and hears. Or someone who doesn't know about the lawlessness of security forces, throwing the drugs to the journalist or about the embezzlers who have find bags of stolen money. Not proud of the Government, many of whose members have dual citizenship but do not live by the aspirations of the people. Can't be proud of the deputies of the Duma, voted in favor of raising the retirement age.

Don't know who can be proud of our regional deputies, I don't see WHAT they are doing for the people. Can't say anything good about the candidate in governors of Texler, quietly pushes genocidal Tominskiy mine in exchange for a career.

Be proud when the purulent wound, slapped a blank tape, and then go and watch the fireworks, not realizing that in the end, or the wound will burst or you will die from blood poisoning? This pride is suicidal!

In Russia it is possible to be proud only certain people, its writers and its longstanding, not recent history. You can be proud of a courageous journalist, Ivan by Holonovel; or ten-year-old boy from the Yakut village named Arian, who pulled four children from a burning house.

You can be proud of a student of the Chelyabinsk Railway Institute Pavel Rogozhin, who saved people from coming to the ice reservoir of the bus. It then searched for two days. The modest hero did not tell anyone about his conduct and continued to live a normal life.

You can be proud of uncompromising fighters for the protection of nature, including experts in Economics. Melmanom and S. V. Knyazeva. They are not afraid to speak the truth.

The real pride is when I see that the country flourishes and blossoms. I am proud of those who are familiar with people who're hard-working, but is not the whole Russia. There is also another Russia. And she can't be proud of.

The Decembrist Pyotr Chaadaev said: “I prefer to castigate his Home, I prefer to disappoint her, I prefer to humiliate her – the fool”.

The lie has covered the whole country, can't you tell? Turn off the TV with litters of different birds, singing for money; look around, driving out of the capital!

True love for Russia does not scream “cheers” when you start the fireworks, and bravely talk about vices and sores, which do not become less.

Can I throw stones, but in the modern history of Russia is more shame than glory.

The shooting of the White house with the death of hundreds of civilians, bombing of Grozny, the arrests of activists who dared to speak out against the waste dump and construction Chiese Tominsk GOK, the extinction of the country with a falling birth rate, the creation of private armies of altasec, battle of pensioners for the delay in trash containers… – what is there to proud of?

Vera Savchenko

Stop Mining