ACTING GOVERNOR A. L. TEKSLER CAN SAY ANYTHING, but at this time people from his team are awarded with certificates... RMK... for ..."draft "Clean air" (ombination!)
And while they continue trying with all his might (and, of course, disinterestedly?), for the state to help subulate RMK, RMK promote anything from A. L. Texler, with all his desire to do in the field of ecology will not work.
Our offer: Likhachev S. F. to dismiss, letters to withdraw.To hold a competition for the best reclamation project (and not the elimination of waste 1, 2 hazard classes) Korkinsky coal mine (with its subsequent use in the interests of the residents of the Chelyabinsk region, including tourism and other economically and ecologically acceptable activity) and examination of the winning project of the international ecological organizations. Until the end of the examination to stop the implementation of the project waste disposal in the korkinsky mine (with the obligatory adoption of measures for extinguishing endogenous fires).

RMK awarded for the project “Clean air”

25 Jun 2019

The Ministry of environment of the Chelyabinsk region was awarded the Russian copper company for its contribution to the implementation of the project “Clean air”.
The acting Minister of the environment of region Sergey Likhachev was awarded the Russian copper company (RMK) honorary diplomas for their contribution to the implementation of this Federal project in the region. Honorary diplomas were received by the President of the RMK Vsevolod Levin and Director of “Promoculture” Nicholas Dzhemilev.
Including the Ministry said large-scale work on the elimination of Korkinsky coal mine, one of the largest sources of air pollution. The operator of the project of “Promoculture” involved in the localization of zones of self-heating in the Korkino section.
The danger zone, which may have endogenous fires located on all sides of the incision, some in remote places, complicating the struggle with the elements available means. One way or another by the efforts of employees of the enterprise sources of air pollution is localized in the area of 50 thousand square meters. From the beginning, the area of self-heating in zones of the Korkino section managed to reduce by 30%.
Director of “Promoculture” Nicholas Dzhemilev commented on priznanii environmental achievements RMK: “Reward get nice, even nicer that the results of our work see the inhabitants of Korkino. Today's award – assessment of the hard work of our team, everyone makes a daily contribution to environmental improvement of his native city and the whole region”.
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