RIA "New day" reports "now the Residents of Chelyabinsk are afraid that will be destroyed square opposite to the house №21 along the street thieves'.

As the correspondent of RIA «New Day" of the Park have already encroached by the builders in December 2017 around him almost overnight increased construction fence: there going to build a 16-storey residential building. However, the citizens protested, the Prosecutor's office revealed at the site of the violation, and in February the court declared the planned construction illegal and ordered the fence to be demolished. After some time, two deputies of the state Duma from the Chelyabinsk region and of the party «United Russia" (individually) attempted to ascribe the victory to themselves.

It is not excluded that the emerging scandal will also be used by any member or candidate for Deputy mandate. And while the citizens are seriously concerned about the fate of the Park.

Photos of trees marked with red crosses appeared in social networks on the weekend.

“At thieves – 21, like, going to cut down trees! A lot of trees marked with a red cross! Judging by the project, Rowan trees, Apple trees and asphalt! The place is very polluted with cars, I don't think it will survive the seedlings of Apple trees and mountain ashes! Besides the red cross marked very tall trees that give oxygen much more than a sapling», – written by the citizens in social networks.

“There was a normal track. You can, of course, had to refurbish. But why make a new, bald, square, cutting down almost all the trees, really giving shade and greenery??? Money is to learn just where? Or prepare for development?”

“In Moscow, 34% of the territory – parks and squares. And in Chelyabinsk nobody knows, that is classified information. I think because the number of spaces long ago, no SanPiN does not match, and engaged in the destruction of greenery, the people are incompetent. At the level of “Oh, from poplar fluff, cut it on figure” or to build something that the edge wanted is for some businessman”.

“the Project – to cut down a normal, functional trees and to plant along the 6 lanes of exhaust Apple and Rowan!!! The same Topol takes 50 kg of pollutants, for this reason and put them along the roads, and how much Apple takes? This tree close to the track?”

Note that the square in question is located on one of the busiest intersections of Chelyabinsk – the Sverdlovsk prospectus and street thieves. There really is very heavy traffic at any time of the day."

Thank you [id12764216|Victoria Novikova] for your vigilance and concern!


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