Speech [id225688750|Irina] Gladyshevoj, candidate for the 9th Central district

"When I thought about what words to say to you today, I wondered. It seems to me that this is a very important question: what is the most important sign of democracy? Without which we cannot say about the country: Oh, look, guys, they have a democracy in full growth!

This election, my friends! Fair elections!, open elections! direct elections! At all levels, from the lowest to the highest.

Only in this way can be heard the voice of the people!

Chelyabinsk, look, our voices are very quiet! We quietly resent the fact that the city can not breathe, that the Hornets die, took threatens to destroy our health and our future.

We were denied the right to choose the mayor. But no, this is not enough! We need to arrange for uncontested election of Governor, having eliminated undesirable candidates.

Our last turn for today - the elections to municipal Council. The time has come to take an interest in politics, friends. To find out who your current MP. To find out who his competitors are. Choose your candidate and help him as much. Family, neighbors, colleagues, followers in social networks - it's all real people, which necessarily need to talk about worthy candidates. About the importance of elections. And that in the election process silence is not gold, but a huge flaw that leads to the defeat

You want your voice heard, Chelyabinsk? Then come to the September 8 elections. Families, friends! Claimed their rights in all their power light steel!

After all, can not be allowed to continue to be selfish minority ruled the majority, that is us, dear Chelyabinsk. And managed in their interests, not ours. It is not only criminal, but also goes against the main Russian idea.

This idea of justice.

Don't forget to vote! Bring all the neighbors! We will fight together for spbwallet, for the city, for fair elections, for the future of our families!

See you September 8 at the polls! And remember that #ctonline is not just words, but a guide to action."

Thanks for the video Ivan Volkov

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