Analysis of yesterday's information and unreliable information

Stop Mining

Analysis of yesterday's information and unreliable information.

Stop Mining

Yesterday Potter asked why if one part of the solids, add three parts water, then they have not obtained the increase of water in multiples of three from the mass of ore processing? On what received the answer that at enrichment of specific calculations.

So still not achieved, where will be located the station of thickening tailings. If you believe the commercials RMK, the thickening station will be located on the territory of the Tominsk GOK, and further through pipelines to come on Board of the Korkino section. But in order to transport the slurry to a slurry pipeline, the solid matter content should be about 30%, the rest water. This means that for one ton of solids, you need three tons of water. Tails formed 27 million tons, so water needed three times more, that is 71 million tons per year.
The question arises, where did the water balance of 23 million tons? In the first place it's drawn to the figure of 24.6, that is what can get RMK from above Miass, Chelyabinsk. Next, let's look at a diagram of the condensation process, which releases circulating water and in which can move more or less to pull the ears.
With the flotation pulp, in which the proportion of solids of about 4-5%, is fed to a preliminary concentration, where the proportion of solids increases to roughly 30%. Next is a must for the pipeline to go more deeper plot thickening, with a higher proportion of solids to 70%. So this will be a backfill material. But interestingly, the plot more deep thickening should be directly near a location where will be used of backfilling material, i.e. on Board of the Korkino section. The water formed in the course of this process, needs to come back to Tominskiy mine, however, this water balance is not.
It turns out that show us what the fragment is not embedded in the overall process. If you show a water balance with pulparindo, then either build a shop thickening on Board Korkinsky cut the conduit and thence return to Tominskiy mine or show actual water consumption, which will be about 70 million tons of water a year, not 24.6 per.

Look at the photo. The first is the pulp, which may be transported by slurry pipeline. On the first paste after thickening or dehydrated. In this state, it was proposed to lay in the korkinsky mine, auditing, uggu. As you see, it is possible to transport at 14 km in the slopes and radii, that even at subzero temperatures in the winter, when sharply increased viscosity?
The third photo the water balance. It can be seen that no return water from korkinsky cut no.
Promotional video of RMK, which refers to transportation of backfilling material in the korkinsky mine. Cm 6:11

A typical example of manipulation of information.

If someone disagree, please, discuss.

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