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Here's the situation at 7 Kalinin district, where a member of the Left Front [id373947680|Ludmila Olefir] defeated Zubkova (RMK-candidate).
Win - win, but officials haven't much arranged, begin the revision of the election results

Requires close public control! And media attention


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Friends, important! Please familiarize yourself with the following situation at 15.00 on the election in the 7th district of the Kalinin district.

I have a certified copy of the Protocol with the voting results on a plot of 536 (1) on which the candidate from the Communist party Olefir 170 votes.

In the morning spread the results on the official website of the CEC, where Olefir 165 votes, five nedostroya added to the void (photo 2). Since the total difference between Olefir Zubkov and three blocks in just seven votes, it could change everything.

Now I came to the TEC, was met at the entrance of the representatives of our Commission, they handed over all the documents with votes according to the Protocol. Judging by their faces, that they are up to 13 hours and kept in a TICK, reason not to trust them, and I have. Rose in a TICK, which shows the summary information for the protocols and the data here agree with my Protocol (although it has not yet been signed - see photo 3)! That is my Protocol converges, but on the other website data.

Spoke with the Chairman of the TEC says, we transferred data in accordance with the protocols, why is there these expenses, they don't know. They say write an application, we shall see.

And still on the website does not post results by precinct 538 - if it rejects three votes from Olefir, the victory of the candidate from RMK Zubkov.

In the end, while there is information that there will be a recount in my 536 and 538 stations. Wait a TIC. I will keep you updated.